Pack of Music's Harmony

Darin- I'm a link to the Purple Savannah
"Listed here are some of the litters that have
been born to this pack. There are more here."

Litter 43; Lynx X Luccia
Name Theme ID # Pack Keeper
Leone Life P301m Life Sparkles Trin Earth
Adelaide Earth P302f None Sphinx Tina
Teselket Life P303m None Shyara
Kairyuu Water P304f None Lost Souls
Dragon Sky P305m Dawn Star Flye
Rose Dust Fire P306f Life Sparkles Sakura
Lyness Darkness P307m Twilight's Melody Misty
Corallyr Water P308f None Tygress
Litter 53; Darin X Melody
Name Theme ID # Pack Keeper
Dewdrop Water P418f Shadow Cipher LavaCheetah
Manamervi Sky P419m None Blue Mist
Renka Sound P420f None Saliska
Cril'clamore Water P421m Twirling Ripples Sakura
Cáliananiel Life P422f Crimson Inferno Blue Mist
Meki'vechezé Sky P423m None DW
Aletha Fire P424f Fleeting Reflections Thele
Yuy Earth P425m None Soshika
Trebelle Sound P426f Twilight's Melody Misty
Chang Fire P427m None Gengy
Litter 81; Gaelan X Kemf Inlé
Name Theme ID # Pack Keeper
Devlin Graphite P755m Illusion's Echo Thele
Iovie Earth P756f None Sphinx Tina
Raliko Darkness P757m None Spiderfly
Zyka Life P758f None Saliska
Monocon Vito'hqle Sky P759m None Indyana
Delphi Water P760f None Dana
Thysai Fire P761m Illusion's Echo Diablo
Borravalo Sky P762f None Viridia
Juggermé Virus P763m Dark Mist Chaoswing

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