Pack of Music's Harmony

Darin- I'm a link to the Purple Savannah
"Welcome to the Pack of Music's Harmony! I am Darin.
From here you can visit the various members. Yes we are
accepting members, so contact me if you wish to join."

The pack is divided into three parts: males, females, and mated
pairs. When it comes to breeding, make sure you've the consent of
the other melcey and that he or she isn't a sibling or half-sibling.
And contact me, so that the litter(s) can be proudly posted here.

Name Theme ID # Parentage Keeper
Darin Sound P205m Sponiar X Obsidian Glow Thele
Raintear Water P147m Creion X Mullin Adlana
Yharjafal Fire P193m Chetsu X Indian Sky Sphinx Tina
Apollo Sky P285m Heichinel X Sable Kiseki
Gaelan Earth P297m Garenga X Otaseska Thele
Sky Flyer Sky P91m Wild X Wild CheetaCat
Melody Sound P202f Koj'yuid X Moonlight Plains DW
Eris Chaos P240f Daron X Kiya Thele
Jubalee Sky P54f Smoke X Vorrest Thele
Lullaby Sound P226f Phollow X Batek Woodknot
Erato Sky P244f Arnet X Mullin Kiseki
Kemf Inlé Earth P370f Wild X Wild Sphinx Tina
Nimbus Sky P121m Emestek X Sureana Adlana
Aridanu Sky P132f Nitesh X Watesha Sphinx Tina
Terver Earth P243m Arnet X Mullin Dogclaw
Ianthe Earth P190f Chetsu X Indian Sky Thele
Lynx Fire P235m Vari X Verti Trin Earth
Luccia Darkness P254f Relelis X Zephyr Trin Earth
Clouded Night Sky P271m Jeku X Sioya Sakura
Storm Serenity Fire P290f Swirl X Nasfa DW

Music's Harmony Music's Harmony
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