Following one of the markers, you hope to come across the melceys that live in this part of the desert. Instead- "Humph." What you see frightens you halfway out of your wits at the sight of what you presume is a melcey. "You may call me Kilian." Though at the moment you aren't concerned with his name, the mechanized arm has your full attention. His narrowed eyes follow your gaze. "The arm... a fight long ago." And he gives a bone-chilling smile that would drop most homicidal maniacs. "Melceys have themes, mine is of earth. You... you should move on now." A distant look comes into his eyes, and he leaves without another word.

Ianthe Gaelan

Disturbed, you stumble across two smaller, earth theme melceys tearing through the remains of a jackrabbit. "Salutations visitor, I am called Ianthe and this is Gaelan. The female says after licking her paws clean. We welcome you to this desert home. A more pleasant greeting anyway." She sighs and drops into a patch of red hal'na blossoms satiated. "Ahem." The male quietly clears his throat. "There are more melceys here. One more frightening then Killian over there. Really." You give that part of the desert waving with bright flowers an askance look.

Hektor Darin

"Not much for eloquent words are they? My name is Hektor." Says a handsome one with a romantic air about him. "Besides being of fire, I do have a hobby of composing poetry. Those of the heart of course." You wonder if you should take him seriously or not when a melodic, musical whistle trills from behind. "I'm Darin, outlander." The gray one with large ears tells you. "I've a pack of my own, one that I'm extremely proud of. With a few fine litters I'd say." He begins to hum a bright tune vaguely familiar. "Care to visit? If not, you can speak with my daughter Aletha. She's very, um, energetic." He sweatdrops slightly.


A bright fire themed melcey bounces up to you, mischief sparkling in her eyes. "As my father said, I am called Aletha." She looks up at you brightly. "I've just come from visiting our collection of beanies. Mine is the very studious one." She cocks her head at you. "Have you meet my niece yet? She's very sweet and shy. If, um, clingy at times."


A faint sound from behind catches your attention, and you turn to see another melcey much larger than the others. "I am known as Eris, of chaos. The first known of that theme." A coldness settles over you, as if you very soul is dissapearing. You shiver under those icy eyes. "I must not stay long about here." She looks at you with a cold, measuring glance. "Information about us is posted there to the side for you to view if you wish. Farewell."

Ianthe's Stats
Name: Ianthe
Translation: Violet Flower
Gender: Female
Sire: Chetsu
Dam: Indian Sky
Theme: Earth
Mate: Terver
Pack: Music's Harmony
Litter: 26
ID #: P190f
Darin's Stats
Name: Darin
Translation: Gift
Gender: Male
Sire: Sponiar
Dam: Obsidian Glow
Theme: Sound
Pack: Music's Harmony
Litter: 28
ID #: P205m
Eris' Stats
Name: Eris
Translation: Discord
Gender: Female
Sire: Daron
Dam: Kiya
Theme: Chaos
Pack: Music's Harmony
Litter: 33
ID #: P240f
Gaelan's Stats
Name: Gaelan
Translation: Tranquil
Gender: Male
Sire: Garenga
Dam: Otaseska
Theme: Earth
Pack: Music's Harmony
Litter: 42
ID #: P297m
Hektor's Stats
Name: Hektor
Translation: Steadfast
Gender: Male
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Theme: Fire
Pack: Glowing Embers
Litter: 45
ID #: P319m
Kilian's Stats
Name: Kilian
Translation: Trouble
Gender: Male
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Theme: Earth
Pack: Fractured Gems
Litter: 51
ID #: P403m
Aletha's Stats
Name: Aletha
Translation: Truthful
Gender: Female
Sire: Darin
Dam: Melody
Theme: Fire
Pack: Fleeting Reflections
Litter: 53
ID #: P424f
Species: Melcey Pup
Origin: Purple Savannah

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