Directed to a nearby area pretty with pale orange and green flowers waving softly in the breeze, you have a sudden uncomfortable feeling that you are being watched. "Jepep fagu, opposhé." A smooth voice, rich with dark undertones, drifts lazily up to your ears. "I am called Xenia, of the theme darkness." A melcey rises from the barren patch of earth amid the flowers she was resting in and opens her eyes- and shockingly even more eyes appear from all over her lithe body. "You need not fear me too much, trav'ler. This is how I was born, how I always have been." She watches you unblinking, a remarkable task the sole coherent part of your brain admits, and chuckles silkly. "If I frighten you too much, there are other melceys that lives here. One is Gaelan's sons, a graphite. Afterwards, would you dare deign to visit again then?"

Midori Devlin

Speedily, though with as much dignity as you can muster in the situation, you go in search of the other melcey. It takes only a few minutes, but you're able to spot a handsome gray melcey. "Hello there... I'm Devlin." His voice is rather soft, and very dreamy. "I was watching the clouds floating by, they are so very beautiful... Delicate, yet graceful. Able to captivate our imaginations for hours and hours. So many different things to see there..." He drifts off, forgetting that you are beside him, to gaze at the clouds once more. "Chii~ir? Chii!" A necco swoops before your face and flits off mere seconds later.

Melina Aidee

"Has Devlin spaced out again? Honestly! And on a nice day like this!" A cheerful voice pipes up behind you. "Let me introduce myself since the others haven't. I'm Melina, nice to meet you!" You goggle at the perky green melcey beaming before you, and manage to stammer a response before she speaks again, "Uh-huh, it's really been nice meeting you! But I've really ought to be off, that I should. So many flowers and plants to visit. Oh yes indeed. Bye-bye!!!" With that final parting she marches off smartly, whistling a light-hearted melody. "La, la, la..." Suprised, you look down to see a much smaller melcey following behind her, tail wagging excitedly in the air and skipping along to the song.


Another life, this one almost regal in bearing, watches you with critically cool eyes. There is almost something familiar about her. "Chloe... daughter of Darin and Eris." Precise words roll out of her mouth. "I assume you have met them already, visitor." Yes, there is much about her mother in the life. You flinch slightly against her gaze. She seems to smirk at your reaction. "If you mind, I have better things to do than stay here with you."

Midori's Stats
Name: Midori egg
Translation: Green
Gender: Male
Sire: Taisei
Dam: Sekkai
Swarm: Hidden Diamonds
Clutch: 20
ID #: N217m
Species: Necco
Xenia's Stats
Name: Xenia
Translation: Welcoming
Gender: Female
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Theme: Darkness
Pack: None
Litter: 78
ID #: P692f
Devlin's Stats
Name: Devlin
Translation: Misfortune
Gender: Male
Sire: Gaelan
Dam: Kemf Inlé
Theme: Graphite
Pack: Illusion's Echo
Litter: 81
ID #: P755m
Melina's Stats
Name: Melina
Translation: Honey-sweet
Gender: Female
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Theme: Life
Pack: Illusion's Echo
Litter: 83
ID #: P802f
Aidee's Stats
Name: Aidee
Translation: Modest
Gender: Female
Sire: Phollow
Dam: Batek
Theme: Candy
Pack: Tidal Sands
Litter: 87
ID #: P846f
Chloe's Stats
Name: Chloe
Translation: Fresh Blooming
Gender: Female
Sire: Darin
Dam: Eris
Theme: Life
Pack: None
Litter: 96
ID #: P1060f
Species: Melcey Pup
Origin: Purple Savannah

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