Swarm of Hidden Diamonds


An extremely large rock is the lone landmark is this area. It is pale gray in color, but there's something about it. As you move closer to it the surface twinkles gaily at you- could it be? Your hand tentatively reaches for the nearly smooth surface, excitement growing. "Chii~ iir!!!" You stumble back frightened, as something quickly swoops down at your head.

"Chiii~ ii! Who you be? What you be doing here?" As you explain yourself to the pale, fluttering being he relaxes ever so slightly. "I be Midori, a necco. And I be leader of this swarm. Sachio was too lazy to run it himself." He snorts not-so-quietly at the thought. "If you want to know more about us, then just read through that book over there." Midori motions towards a niche where a large volume lies. He then looks at you straightly. "Yes... what you assumed you saw it is. But leave it be, it is ours." The necco says in a firm tone.

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