Pack of Music's Harmony

Darin- I'm a link to the Purple Savannah
"And it keeps growing. *g* More litters listed."

Commission; Lynx X Luccia
Name Theme ID # Pack Keeper
Lactantius Darkness P957m None Trin Earth
Laceia Earth P958f None Trin Earth
Lenzo Graphite P959m None Trin Earth
Luminarie Moon P960f None Trin Earth
Lahatiel Fire P961m None Trin Earth
Litter 96; Darin X Eris
Name Theme ID # Pack Keeper
Chloe Life P1060f None Thele
??? Fire P1061 None Jewel
??? Water P1062f None Emmelka
??? Overdrive P1063m None Lord Rohan
??? Moon P1064f None DW
??? Candy P1065m None Thalron
??? Sky P1066f None Cheetacat
??? Moon P1067m None Chaoswing
??? Water P1068f None Ithriel

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