Going up the slight hill you come across
two beautiful unicorns playing together.
The female is white in body with rainbowed-hair.
The male is mainly black with white main and highlights.

^ Hello traveler, I am Lilie and this is Hycanth.
It's been exciting for us since we have a chance to
build a herd in our part of the Glade. We had waited
for the unicorns to arrive from the distant lands of
Zarin'ca'zeo'grr, and also of the the Talisian Fields.
We have even made a statistics sheet for the occasion.
And they are both here with us. Excuse us, we are busy. ^

Jonquil Sturek

Name: Jonquil
Origin: Talisian Fields
Type: Onyx
Stage: Egg
Clutch: 2
Parents: Unknown

:: Lilie and Hycanth were found after a long search
in Labrynth's Lair, go here for more details.::

Now be very gentle with this one...