Right below the fountain is a drigus.
Seyik nuzzles it gently before speaking to you.

:: This is Estyr. She has no genotype, but
I assume that she enjoys the company over here.
Estyr, and the other drigetti came here from
Dr'y'etti'ny. I believe they have a big clutch. ::


:: And this beauty here is Aester. She's
rather shy, so speak gently with her. ::

Aester's Genotype:
Body: t*, d*
Tail: t, t
Head: T*, d
Feet: D*, d*
Spines: n, y
Mutations: N, y
Whiskers: Y, Y


:: Have you seen Eystr? He was won in the contest.
Eystr's a handsome, proud, mutanted drigus. ::

Eystr's Genotype:
Body: T*, D
Tail: T, d
Head: d, d
Feet: D, d
Spines: Y, n
Mutations: Y, Y*
Whiskers: N, N

Lilys Vendar Kanga

:: These three drigetti are Lilys, Vendar, and Kanga.
The are rather close friends, when they aren't fighting. ::

Walk and speak softly with this one.