Xiaoyu Emma Kitsune
Koko Himee Pietro Suzie Logan Dane

An equine vaguely resembling a painted unicorn, except for the fact he's sporting two horns, blocks the way before you. There's no maliciousness about him, just an air of concern. Almost sheepishly he bobs his head. "Sorry to hinder your passage. But I just wanted to warn you about my friends. They're quite small." Carefully he turns and lowers his head to the ground. "I had to make sure you wouldn't step on them by accident." Blinking, you recognize the little critters as gerbils. How cute. "They've recently joined me in the Glade." The stallion raises his head. "I'm Xiaoyu or Little Jade."

Xiaoyu's Stats Gerbils' Stats
Name: Xiaoyu Kitsune: Male/Red Fox
Translation: Little Jade Emma: Female/Ruby Eyed Silver Nutmeg
Sire: Unknown Dane: Male/Black
Dam: Unknown Himee: Female/Burmese
Charity/Mate: None Pietro: Male/Gray Agouti
Offspring: None Suzie: Female/Yellow Fox
ID #: None Logan: Male/Agouti
Gender: Stallion Koko: #gerbil9/Female/Siamese -- Mate: Sam
Species: Undetermined --
Origin: Alonnia Clan: Slowflake Clan

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