Snowflake Clan of Alonnian Gerbils

An Alonnian Gerbil inclines regally on a rather large sandstone rock. Her dark eyes follow your movements, and once you come close enough she begins to chitter excitedly. She points her head in the direction of a nearby scroll; you get the feeling she wants you to read it.

Welcome to the home grounds of the Snowflake Clan!

Hmm.. looks like there's more on the scroll. Care to continue reading?

Members Name Gender ID# Parentage Keeper
Koko F gerbil9 Wild Thele
Sam M gerbil3 Wild PhoenyxFyre
Pair One // Koko and Sam
Suzie F advent6 Advent Wild Thele
Logan M advent7 Advent Wild Thele
Pair Two // Suzie and Logan

Snowflake Clan is accepting pairs! To join; just fill out the information and send it to the address listed below. You should receive a response back soon afterwards. And if you were lucky enough to recieve a pup from us, please drop us a line so we can all admire the little one.


Send to:

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