A tik-tik-tik sound draws your attention and you curiously make your way towards it. Hearing it get louder you carefully make your way through a strand of garnet-leafed ebon wood. Pushing the last of them out of your way, you are dissapointed to see nothing. Just as you are about to turn, a string of multi-colored beads roll to a stop against your feet. Gingerly picking it up, you scan the area to look for its owner. Melodic laughter rings through the air as a dark blur tackles you into a berry bush.

"Heellllooooo!!! I'm Orilian, the first of two chevei to call this Forest home. Who are you?" The chevei bounces away and you groggily sit up. After explaining who you are Orilian nods. "I thought you were a trav'ler. I was told that trav'lers came by. Soooo, do you like these beads? I got it as a present and they're soooo pretty. Though now I've passed them on to the lorriam Ishef that I watch over." The mare cocks her head and fixes enormous dark eyes on you. The beads still clutched in your hand are smooth and cool to the touch, and you examine them closer. It seems to be made out of a crystalline substance, but there are tiny bells in each bead. You toss them to the mare who catches them in her mouth. She shakes them a bit before carefully laying it down. A quick female lorriam with long ears dashes for the beads. She plays with them a bit before looking up at you.


"Very nice, aren't they? And the beads are reeeaallly hard to break too. Or so I've been told. Really." She gives you an exagerated innocent look and a sly smirk towards the chevei before breaking into high-pitched giggles. "If you want to look at my sta'tistics, it's over there with Orilian's." As you turn to look, she begins to play with her beads again.

ball chevei toy beads

Orilian's Stats
Name: Orilian
Gender: Mare
Sire: Noretide
Dam: Lourne
Ears: r, r*
Forefeet: g, g
Hindfeet: H*, h
Mane: M*, M
Tail: T*, T*
Fetlocks: D, d
Mutation: S, S
Coloring: W*, W*
ID #: C27f
Species: Chevei
Ishef's Stats
Name: Ishef
Gender: Mare
Sire: Errow
Dam: Nackel
Ears: e, e*
Tail: T*, t
Horns: h!, h!
Forefeet: F, f
Hindfeet: u, u
Nose Horn: N, n
Beard: B, B
Coloring: C, c*
ID #: L72f
Species: Lorriam
Origin: Arborwin Adoptions

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