Drawing back a leafy branch you spy a pale violet chevei standing all by it's lonesome. Her head is upraised, eyes closed. At the crunching of your footsteps her eyes fly open as she turns towards you. A startled gasp escapes from your lips at the sight of her eyes. Not dark like the other mare's, but a glowing gray color. She gives a hesitant step in your direction, as if unsure. "Regine..." The single word, her name you presume, is heard softly before she dissapears off into the forest.

Regine's Stats
Name: Regine
Gender: Mare
Sire: Sirius
Dam: Alex'm
Ears: R, r
Forefeet: g, g
Hindfeet: h, h
Mane: M*, M
Tail: T, t*
Fetlocks: D, d*
Mutation: s, s
Coloring: W, w
ID #: C33f
Species: Chevei
Origin: Arborwin Adoptions

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