Clouds Weeping Grey Storm
For all purposes you feel as if you are lost in this never ending mist and fog. The only thing that sounds is the thumping your heartbeat oh so quietly. "Melir... follow me." A large grey shape whispers to you. There's something in that young voice that reminds you strongly of Mourning, enough to put down fears. You follow through paths and dark shadows until finally the mist lightens. Heaving a sigh of relief you take a good look at your guide. "Clouds Weeping Grey Storm, daughter of Forest Mourning Early Winter am I. Here is safe passage, or better to say as safe can be." With that eerie remark she takes leave and melts back into the mist.

Grey's Stats
Name: Clouds Weeping Grey Storm
Gender: Mare
Sire: Lightning Driving Bloody Storm
Dam: Forest Mourning Early Winter
Head: HH, dd
Eye: Pb
Mane: H*d, SS, WL
Wings: Yn, S*S*, WC
Antlers: dd
Tail: L*H, SS, LC
Feet: hh, ddww
Markings: O*p, ML, SS, Eu, Ld, LR
Color: GC
Mutation: N*yn*
Species: Frondari
Origin: Nameless Forest

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