Forest Mourning Early Winter
You delve deeper into the forest, your footsteps crunching lightly on fallen leaves the only sound. The surrounding trees are older here and quite large. A thick grey mist is pervasive, but up above, beyond the treetops are tantalizing hints of blue and white that can be seen.

"Melir." Startled, you glance around for the owner of the soft voice. But there is nothing but mist around you. "Welcome to this, my home." And part of the grey seperates from the mist and forms into a familiar shape. Frondari. She looks at you with disconcerting dark eyes as she shifts about wings as blue as the sky above. "I am Forest Mourning Early Winter, the sixth mare of the Herd of the Distant Mountain." She gives you a mysterious looking smile and looks off to the side. "There my genetics are posted. See that glowing rock?" You blink at it, odd, you hadn't noticed it before.

Mourning's Stats
Name: Forest Mourning Early Winter
Gender: Mare
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Head: Hl, Wd
Eye: PP
Mane: H*H*, SS, WC
Wings: YY, S*s, GC
Antlers: Ad
Tail: HH, Ss*, WC
Feet: Dh, wwww
Markings: O*O*, Ml, SS, uu, LL, LR
Color: GG
Mutation: N*yy
Herd: Distant Mountain
Rank: Sixth Mare
Species: Frondari
Origin: Nameless Forest

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