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Squeee?! Oh. Just a visitor. Let me introduce myself. I am Kessia, daughter of Harka and Coel. Sorry if I frightened you, but I wasnít sure if you were friendly or not. Iíve been a little jumpy as of late, dunno what it is. My stats are over there visitor. So... did my mother nag you about a mate for me? Mothers... hrmph. I'm waiting for a dashing prince charming to sweep me off my feet. He can't be that hard to find. I hope.

Kessia's Stats Kessia's Genotype
Name: Kessia Body: H*, H*
Sire: Harka Tail: D*, t*
Dam: Coel Ears: T*, d
Mate: None Head: t, t
Offspring: None Feet: D*, D*
ID #: 167 Spines: n, n
Gender: Mare Color: O, O
Species: Drigus Whiskers: N, N
Origin: Allonia Mutation: N, y

Drigus Adoptions

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