Welcome visitor to the Hills. After the great Disruption, Thele thought it best to relocate us to different areas of her realm. It is safer for us to live here and we now work as sentries.

If you did not know, I have with my mate Harka produced a lovely daughter. Her name is Kessia, and Iíve been somewhat interested in finding a suitable mate for her. Before you go you may want to look at my stats below.

Coel's Stats Coel's Genotype
Name: Coel Body: H*, d
Sire: Kyrienev Tail: D*,t
Dam: Tabitha Ears: T*, d
Mate: Harka Head: D*, t
Offspring: Kessia Feet: D*, T
ID #: 124 Spines: n, n
Gender: Mare Color: O, O
Species: Drigus Whiskers: N, y
Origin: Allonia Mutation: N, N

Drigus Adoptions

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