"...to ride dragonback so high..."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there. I was singing to my lovely Lyyleth.
My name is Oralia, and how are you today?"
The young woman rises to shake your hand. "Well that's good to know."
You watch as she puts the harp gently on the cot.

"Would you like something to eat and drink? You nod in agreement. I don't know about you,
but singing always gives me an appitite." You wonder if it's hunger pangs of the weyrling you're feeling.
She motions you to sit by the table while she heads toward a corner of the weyr.
Waiting idly, you notice her long brown braid swaying slightly on her back as she moves around.
She appears to be lanky, but the graceful way she moves indicate otherwise. You also look at the green dragon.
She watches adoringly at her bondmate as Oralia moves about the weyr. The rustling of her
flying jacket marks her approach and you stand to help her with the tray. "Thank you."


She pours two cups of klah and hands one of them to you. "Here you go.
The klah is still hot and the bread was baked this morning. Sweetning?" You ask Oralia how
she came to be here. She smiles rather largely before she begins. "I was at the Harper Hall for many turns.
There I became a journeywoman harper." She points to the badge on her shoulder. "After that I was sent to Kitney Hold
to educate the children there. Give them an education, teach them the ballads, and to entertain everyone. I had been there for two turns.
Then, two dragons appeared at the hold. Their riders said they had come on search for there were eggs on the sands.
At the time I was outside with the children picking berries. As I passed by one of the browns he swung his head at me.
Next thing I know, his rider asked who I was and asked if I would go back to the Weyr with him and be a candidate."
Oralia's brown eyes sparkle as she recalls that moment. "At the hold they were happy for me, although the lady bemoaned how
she was going to get another harper that the children liked so well and listened to. And that my friend, is how I arrived here.

And how I came here to impress the spunky Lyyeth! She's the last to break her shell, and wouldn't have anyone else but me."
The smile she has engulfs half of her face. "You have to go now? I'm sorry to hear that, I truly enjoyed
your company. Perhaps Lyyleth can take you flying when you come back. Let me play something on my harp as you go.
Come back soon!" The melodic notes follow you as exit the weyr and down the hallway.
As does a faint laugh and Oralia's voice, "All-right, the oil's coming!"


~Vernincia Weyr~