Areya & Andreath

After entering the weyr, you look around the room. It's dark, rocky walls are scrubed clean, the sparse furnishings are neat and orderly, and everything appears to be in order.

Just when you are about to leave the weyr, a petite figure bumps into you from behind. "Whaaa---!?" Suprised out of your wits you wonder if you could escape through the small window above.

Meanwhile the other person barely keeps a grip on what ever it was holding. As you try to get a hold on yourself you glance at the person. It's a young girl who appears barely over fifteen that's trying to look composed juggling a stiff brush and a jar of oil. You swiftly move to her and help steady the bundle in her arms. She gratefully looks up, and wide gray eyes meet yours. "Hello." She says.

After a moment's silence, she breaks into a small smile. "I'm sorry that I bumped into, I just wasn't expecting someone to be in here. My name is Areya if you want to know." You tell Areya your name and ask why she was carrying that load. Areya blinks twice, grins, before speaking again.

"I've just come back after flying thread with my wonderful queen. Andreath is her name. It was so exciting flying about and going between; if you didn't mind having a tank strapped to your back." Laughing slightly at the statement, you turn to the side of the weyr where there is a regal golden dragon loungeing contently on a blanket cover stone couch. She also appears to be waiting for her oil.


"I almost went to shock when Andreath choose me, "Areya says setting down the brush and oil on a table, "I never expected to impress a queen. At best I thought I could come away with a green." The dragon turns and snorts at her rider. "Well I'd always been a clutz who could never do anything right," Areya says smoothing invisible creases in her flying jacket, "I didn't think that queens choose girls who nearly ruined a Gather by knocking over most of the tents. But then a queen chooses for her own reasons don't they?"

You just smile at the look on the girl's face. Pure, joyous, happiness beams on it. "Things are starting to look up for me now." Areya starts to say, "I've become less clumsy, and I've made friends with the other riders and candidates. Even the Headwoman smiled at me after I impressed Andreath. Seems like she's ready for her scratching. She's got to be oiled, and I'm afraid I won't be entertaining company. Bye."

Leaving the absorbed girl and her dragon, you head towards the door silently. Just before you leave you notice a plaque hanging on the wall.

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