Jestyn & Hypseleoth

As you are passing by a weyr you hear a soft murmur and a female voice laughing at someone.
Unable to resist your curiosity, you peak inside the room.
Inside is a young woman of about sixteen who is sitting on a stool talking softly to someone.
Suddenly she turns around and looks you in the eye.

"I didn't hear anyone come in, but Hypseleoth said there was."

Taking in the confused look in your face she stands and moves aside. A large green dragon appears.


Pushing a strand of black hair out of her eyes the woman sticks her hand out at you.

"My name is Jestyn and this here is Hypseleoth. My darling dragon is finally an adult!
In fact, she grows rather fast.
The both of us are rather good at flying, going between, and fighting thread.
Hypsey is excellent at all of that!"

The green peers at you and you hear something...

~*My name is Hypseleoth.*~

Jestyn chuckles, and you realize it's a rather old joke. ~*And when can I eat again?*~
Jestyn just sighs and says, "You just finished that wherry an hour ago! I have to oil you so your hide won't crack!"

You smile at the scene and head toward the door, but not before you here Jestyn say something to you.

"Thanks for coming, and come back soon!"

Me as a hatchling.

Me as dragonet.

Me as a weyrling.