Greetings. It appears that you made it this far down the beach. Here you will find PalmDragons.

Tera here is the oldest. Isn't she just lovely?
It seems that Tera is anxious for Gaelyn to be old enough to play.

Color: Purple
Dam: Green Wasabi
Sire: Blue Norris
Mutation: None.
ClutchID: W-1

Have you met Gaelyn yet? She's rather quiet,
but Tera always tries to get her to play games.

Color: Gold
Dam: Gold Shey
Sire: Bronze Santos
Mutation: None.
ClutchID: S-2

Chikai's finally got rid of that shell.
Looks like she can't wait to sun herself.

Color: Light Blue
Dam: Light Blue Tanlyn
Sire: Patched Green Braydryn
Mutation: Split-to Patch
ClutchID: Ta-1

Hehehehe, she's out of that shell! This one's called Sollie.
She likes to play tag with Chikai in the sand.

Color: Light Green
Dam: Light Green Zoe
Sire: Patched Green Zaro
Mutation: Split-to Patch
ClutchID: Zo-1

Lookee, I hatched! My name's Zeren.

Baby Color: Bronze
Dam: Light Blue Tulip
Sire: Albino Zino
Mutation: Split-to Stripe
ClutchID: Tu-1


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