From space the planet you're approaching doesn't look in the least bit hospitable. Ice, snow, and glaciers are all that greet your eyes. Yet as your ship pierces the atmosphere, a rainbow veil appears. And once through that you are suprised at the changes of the planet's appearance. A lush, liveable environment with many habitats. A slight chill that greets you on disembarkment is the only indication of that planet's true nature.

"Hello there! Welcome to the planet Glacier's Edge!" You turn to see a young woman with long black hair waving at you. "I'm Thele, keeper and mistress of the section known as Frost Realm. My kinswoman Thaelia is caretaker of Glacier Weyr. We mainly let visitors travel at their own pace, see those signs over there?" And she points to two wooden signs each planted at the beginning of a path. "Just follow the corresponding path."

She turns away from the paths and heads along a trail the ends at a cottage with masses of blooming flowers and plants surrounding it. Pausing only to give an inquiring glace. You decide whether to follow her or to choose one of the paths.

Frost Realm Glacier Weyr

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