~~ Greetings visitor, to this little area. We are comras, a unique bird and drake mixture. It is to be assumed that you would like to meet our charge Siraya, a leanser. She is a like ourselves, different yet lovely. Siraya is out of the second couple Empress Lea La'Grunshah and Emperor Lean Bedeckt'undlilac. The dear is over there next to that flower. ~~

* Hello visitor, as my guardians told you I am Siraya. I've grown since the last time you came. I've started to interact with the other inhabitants of the Jungle. Especially Papi the unicorn, it's fun searching for unusual flowers with her. And it was her that planted this red blossom for me when I first arrived. Wasn't that sweet? Well I must be going, I promised her that I'd help her today. *

Siraya trots off and the comras come from behind you with the red one, a male you believe, leading the purple one. They confer between each other before going into their perculiar double-speech.

~~ We have been lucky, another was joined Siraya to be in our care. Like Siraya, the Mirkotto hails from The Lady's Manor. A Mirkotto tends to be hyper-acitve, as we soon sense you will find out for yourself. ~~

The comras move back several paces and you stareat them questioningly. Suddenly the sound of snapping twigs is all the warning you get as a blur nearly knocks you down, followed by who you think is Thele.

^* Hello! I'm Flavian'Neal, which means Golden Champion. Glad to meet you. I've been having fun romping and jumping about here. But I'm sure you can tell that. Sorry, I tend to be very talkative, but that's who I am. I'm sure you've met my chosen already. That reminds me, I wanted to go visit the Glade and play with the unicorns and drigetti. Come on chosen, let's go! ^*

The Mirkotto jumps away from view with Thele running for it not to far behind. With your head still reeling from Flavian'Neal, you consider your options. You can see if you can adopt a Leanser, turn your luck for a Mirkotto, or turn back.

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