A silvery vision slinks across your path. You blink, yet she still remains. Mane and tail look as they had been dipped in a rainbow. Maybe they had. You carefully extend out a hand which she sniffs delicately. "My name... it is Tumna, a Xenexus. And I was brought back from the Orchard. Have you been there yet?" Opaque, peridot eyes look at you.

Night Isia

"Perhaps the visitor has, Tumna." An extremely dark mouga say from behind. "Night." he introduces himself. "All of us came from the same realm, though from different locations of it." Another mouga slips next to Night. "It is the Everrealm. Even Kivi and Jillir."

Kivi Jillir

"A realm that has gone through much change." Pipes in the two shiretal. "If you do go, say hello to Myrror or Dark?"

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