~The Jungle~

You leave the Glade, only the enter a Jungle. The heat increases to an almost unbearable degree. It's then that you realize that there are no fountains to provide water.

"Hello, I see that you've made it to the Jungle." You turn around to meet Thele again. For some reason she looks comfortable in the hot and humid jungle. "Here," and she tosses you something, "a waterbag. It will never run empty while you're in the Jungle." Grateful, you take it and ask what lives here.


"Over there in the basket is a Keylin egg. Liey or Liya are the names that I have chosen for it. I have no idea what its gender will be. But I think when it hatches it will it enjoy it here. There are no harmful plants here, and it is beautiful in its own right. Especially the vines that are in bloom."

You look around, and realize that she's right. You also spot the remains of a tree that only its stump remains. Hmm, practical you think as you sit on it.

"There isn't much for you to see in the jungle now, perhaps you'd like to return to the Glade. If not, you can go to Keylin Wildlife Sanctuary. Down the trail over there is another section of the Jungle you may worth viewing."

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