Jey'ien Adoptions

The piece of paper you pick up has information about the mating pairs and of breeding. Heeding some inner knowledge that what before you is important, you take the time to read it carefully.

Jey'iens mate for life, and are extremely devoted to their spouse. The offspring of the mated pairs exhibit characteristics of the parents. Those present in both parents are usual passed on. Those present in only one parent has a fifty percent chance of being passed on or not. Things such as coat and mane color usually follow what the parents look like. Rarities such as wild clutches follow the same pattern as above, but since there is little know about their parents, anything could show up in their offspring.

The present breeding pairs are Merien & Riela, Kitien & Jullen, and Lowlyn & Graclyn. And of course, there are wild Jey'iens and Jey'ien eggs that can be found or given out from time to time.

After reading that bit of useful information, you wonder where the pairs are. As if they were reading your thoughts, a rustling of sound catches your attention and you look up to see them before you.


You see Merien again, but this time he's nuzzling a sweet looking mare with a lavender mane. Riela looks over at you and winks before pulling herself away.

Kitien and Jullen

The next pair prances in front of you showing off their sock markings. The bay mare, Jullen, approaches and sniffs you gently. Nodding to herself, she chases after Kitien.

Lowlyn and Graclyn

The last pair catches your attention. The stallion has wings, something none of the others have. While the mare, Graclyn, has mane and eyes the color of flames. The pair teasees each other playfully before moving off.


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