Jey'ien Adoptions


You follow the flash deeper into the forest, until you spy an unusual creature through the trees. It is swift, fast, and moves like the wind. Curious, you follow after it hoping to catch a better look. All of a sudden it stops and turns to look at you. It seems to be of deer and horse parentage, nothing that you have ever seen before. The two of you lock eyes for what seems like an eternity, then its ears flick and it disappears into the forest. To awed to go after it, you simply stand still.

Moments later footfall catches your ears, muffled by the fallen leaves. You turn around hoping it’s the creature, but instead it is the same dark-haired person that you met on arrival. "Well it appears that Merien approves of you. You’ve passed his test.” Confused you ask what test. She looks at you and smiles slightly. “The test proving that you were worthy of entering this area. For if you had not passed, well, we would not be talking right now. Follow me."

You follow her as she makes her way through the forest. And you ask about the type of creature Merien is. Without pausing in her steps, she begins to talk. “The inhabitants of this area are Jey'iens. They appear to be a mixture of deer and equine. Usually the other part is horse, but not always. They lay eggs, but I suppose that can be traced to the fact that their species was created of magic. Here at the Glacier’s Edge something comes and changes the land and whatever around here." She pauses. "I think we have reached our destination."

You reach a clearing in the forest, sunlight filters through leaves blinding you. After rubbing your eyes, you see Merien again. Only this time he doesn’t run away from you. Instead he comes up to you seeking affection. Without thinking you begin patting its hide and scratching it. Still occupied with the Jey'ien, you ask how old he is. With an unusual smile, Thele begins to answer your question. "Would you believe if I told you older than you or I? From what I’ve observed, Jey’iens appear to stop aging once they reach adulthood. They appear forever young, but with a mind that is more mature and beyond what their body belies."

Rather reluctantly, Merien pulls away from you and nudges you toward several pieces of paper tacked to a dead tree. The pages flutter in the wind making it hard to see what is written on them. You lean in closer to read it.


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