After all that walking up and down hills, tromping across
grass, and visiting all the inhabitants; you realize why there
are so many fountains in the Glade. Thankful for whoever had
the foresight, you gratefully drink the cool, fresh water.

Seyik uses the break to lie down and take a small rest.
:: This is the home to a drigus. Rayn happens be sterile,
but she is certainly a most beautiful and unusual drigus.
Rayn was named for her mane and egg on her hatching day. ::


Seyik indicates a rainbow-maned drigus sitting nearby.
After that Seyik snorts and nibbles the grass.

Rayn trots up to you and gently nuzzles your face.
*Hello, I be Rayn. I'm hoping to have some company here,
so I asked Thele to apply at the Alpha Terra Drigus Desert.
Also at the Duraunti Desert. They are both wonderful places.
Whew, that's a mouthful. But we've been approved by both.*


A handsome yellow-maned drigus walks closer to you.
He appears to be terribly shy and very nervous.
Before to leaves, he silently motions nearby.

Tayler's Genotype
Head: d, d
Feet: t, *h
Ears: t, t
Tail: d, d
Body: t, t
Color: w, w
Spines: n, n
Whiskers: n, *y
Mutation: n, *y

Off to the right is a clump of trees so thickly together
that you can't see past them. Curious, you can go there.
Or it looks too tiring and can stay here and rest.

Rayn came from Greyhaven.