A pale green form appears before you dancing energetically to a song’s rhythm, it soon sees you and comes to a graceful stop. "‘Ello, ‘ello visitor! I be Aitea, once of Creation, now of this Glade. Companion to the pah Kyr’zaani." The horned animal bows before you. "From the look on your face I take it you’ve haven’t yet seen the likes of my kind, eh? Well I am a unicorn, of sorts. Though I do resemble a quin at times." At your look she smiles. "There are some quins that reside here, if you haven’t met them you soon will. I've joined the Kevana Topenasta Charity. It's for.. the special ones." She cocks he head catching the faint endings of the song.

"That ‘Zaani, old Krishi was right in training him. The singer has now deemed that ‘Zaani is longer in need of his special aid. ‘Zaani will slip into his pensive moods once and awhile, but those days no longer outnumber the good days. Just be a little... sensitive to his temperament while you visit him, okay? He is dear to us all and we do hate to see him upset." Taking the mare’s stern warning to heart you move in the direction she indicated, being careful not to slip into the small, winding creek along the way.


"Dizro k'zarti! !nisrop, yom Kyr’zaani." Taking in the baffled look on your face, the stallion relaxes. "Sorry. That was in my native tongue. I said hello, my name is Kyr’zaani. Welcome to my section of the Glade. Were you drawn in by my song?" You nod and watch him shuffle a bit. " I hope you enjoyed it, I just came up with it last night. It was inspired by my arrival here after being lost." You give him another confused look. "Once before, I had been fostered elsewhere. But then she and her web world vanished. Just as my parents... forgive me." A look of pain flashes across his being and you turn away for a moment. "But let us not speak of darker times, I prefer not to dwell too much on it."

Thinking of a way to distract him, you see a small toy lying beside an unusual flower and wonder aloud about it. "This old toy? It is a beanie version of myself that my mistress brought for me. I now save it in the hopes that one day a foal of my own will stay with me." Feeling a mood shift in him you ask him clarify. "If you hadn't yet heard, I am a member of The Clan of the Falling Snow with the lovely Lisab as my mate. From them I've gained more hope than I thought possible. It would be wonderful to be able to raise a foal of my own, but I must be patient." He sighs and gently touches the toy.

beanie flower
Kyr'Zaani's Stats
Name: Kyr'Zaani
Translation: Blue Smoke
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Clan: Falling Snow
Tribes: Water, Song
Dam: Zyfnaia
Sire: Tz'rhiannoc
Mate: Lisab
Offspring: None
Species: Mahnon Pah'llock
Origin: Tir'na'bainne'gile'láir

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