Ishlan  --  A gift from Silv!

You are taking a quiet stroll through a rather shady section of the Glade, when you spot three white forms moving around. In the lead is a mare highlighted with rainbows. She's the first of them to see you. "Sella li." She pipes in a high voice. "We don't get much visitors though here, so forgive the others if they try to knock you to the ground in some way. It's just that the kolome we came from gets rather lonely at times, and it's how they express affection." You stare at her. "I'm Ishlan, by the way, treasure. And we three are a species called Quin. "

Felisa Esha

Just when you are about to ask a question of the mare, a white and violet blur pounces on you. "Sella li! I'm Felisa, gem! And aren't I one?" The mare rolls off of you and nips at your clothes happily while you struggle to get up. "Here, let me help you. We're just so glad that some one is visiting us."

Taking in what the unusual mare said, you are abruptly tackled from beind. "Wheeeee!!! How are you? I'm fine. You're gonna stay and visit with us right? Good. I'm Esha, emerald. Like my mane. See?" While it babbles on, you get to your feet wiping grass off of your clothes. "It's so great that you're here with us. I really mean it." She bobs her head at the last sentence.

Quive Nipen

A resigned sigh whoofs from nearby. "Females. Hyperactive, suger-filled females. Nipen my friend, what were we thinking?!" The red maned stallion moans. The other stallion, his friend you suppose, simply rolls his eyes. "I have no idea, Quive. But do you have a plan to get away from them?"

A high pitched shriek, followed by two female voices yelling in unison. "We heard that!!"

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