Greetings. I am Naal'Pomi, 'Brown Earth' in your tongue. My kind are called Rakishi, and we are a mixture of several creatures. But you would have probably assumed that much already. Here at the Glade I tend the plants to make sure that they are healthy, and those who live here do not starve. I also tend the garden where many medicinal and decorative flora are grown. It's part of my Gifts, it is. Now you must excuse me, it is about time I tend my garden once more.

Naal'Pomi's Stats
Name: Naal'Pomi
Translation: Brown Earth
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Gifts: Life, Earth
Dam: Lani'Ahnoa
Sire: Senshi'Rahla
Coat: SS, sd
Mane: D, sd
Tail: d*, d*
ForeFeet: d, r*
HindFeet: H, H
Horns: g, d*
Mutation: N, y
Species: Rakish
Origin: Lands of Fate

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