Lireyiv and Tomas

Earth tones and white is what the pegasus you spy is. A striking contrast to the pale pink petal falling all around. The stallion is indifferent though; to you, to his surroundings. He seems drawn in, maybe lost in thought.

Booby Prize!

Just when you are about to call out to him.. "WARK!" A larger than average turkey suddenly appears before you. Suprised you look for the pegasus you say earlier, but he's disappeared. "Wark?" The turkey tries to regain your attention. Odd that. Weren't turkeys supposed to say something else?

Lireyiv's Stats
Name: Lireyiv
Translation: Of The Night
Gender: Male
Parents: Unknown
Charity: None
ID#: Unknown
Species: Pegasus
Origins: Liland's Pegasi, Silver Unicorn

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