"Heyla, it's me Thele. Here is where my Deomarc calls home.
Deomarcs if you don't know hail from the land called Deo Innis.
Deomarc translates to Spirit Horse, the species was a product of magic.
Over there is a Pah'teki Tree that bears a yellowish juicy fruit,
and below it are some bright flowers I planted in anticipation."

You look at the tree and see plump fruit hanging from swinging limbs.
The flowers release a spicy scent into the air. Out of the corner of
your eye you see a horse-like blur barreling at you extremely fast.
You begin to cringe when it magically stops less than an inch away.

"Ello, ello visitor! I am Comet Streak. Partly because I move around
like one, and of my coloring. I knew I could stop before hitting you!
Hehehe, I think I'm going to try to run across the entire Glade as
fast as I can! Maybe after that I'll head to the Jungle. Bye!

The fast talking filly dissapears before you can get a word in
edgewise. You turn to look at Thele for some sort of an explanation.
"It looks like Comet Streak will try and do anything at all. It makes
me wonder if she didn't inherit anything else besides her father's
symbol and possibly her mother's long legs. Gotta go and make
sure she's safe now. Good journey traveler!" And with that
Thele head in the direction of the fast moving filly.