Lying in the center of a field is a blue egg.
As you move near it a voice comes from the air.

Here lies a Jey'ien egg. Download it onto your own server,
no linking from here is allowed. You have one week to have
your egg up onto its page. E-mail back here as so as your
egg's up on its page. Failure to comply with this and the
rules will result in the abandonment of your Jey'ien.

The voice dissapears, and you have the oddest sensation
that you should follow the instructions. From now on
the hatchling and adult stages will be sent out in
attachments unless a pick-up page is specified.

Number of Eggs to Pick-Up:

Mistress Unseen~ 3
WarriorCat~ 2
Silvanon~ 2
JJD~ 1
Ceeshell~ 2
Silvarana~ 1
Aylce~ 1
Azrielen Xen'Aire~ 1
Clarissa~ 1

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