It's slightly shadier in this section of the Forest, and hauntingly quiet too. Feathery-leafed addif trees laden with soft whitish fruit sway gently in the cool wind. Moving closer to the tree, you spot a hollow within it stuffed with insulating moss and leaves. You resist the temptation to carefully push some it back. A faint rustling sound catches your attention, and you look down to see a ragged piece of paper beneath a rock.


Here rests a Windskrae egg. It would be much appreciated if it is not disturbed more than nessary. Thank you.

After you finish read the short note, you look in the hollow and find pieces of what was once a dark-colored egg. A rustling from above alerts you to what had once lived within. Piercing eyes meet yours, and you bow in acknowledgement.


After a moment he swings his long neck downwards and left. Looking at where he indicated you see a streamlined shape entering a small cave of sorts. Going closer to it you hear the splashings of water and feel a burst of cold. Unfortunately, the entrance isn't large enough for you to get through. Drats.

Gorlais' Stats Shizu's Stats
Name: Gorlais Name: Shizu
Parents: Wild Parents: Wild
Race: Wind Shadows Race: Wind Chills
Gender: Male Gender: Female
Offspring: None Offspring: None
Mate: Shizu Mate: Gorlais
Species: Windskrae Species: Windskrae

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