Further along the trail, away from the father and daughter, the trees are even larger. The feel of it is very cathedral, especially with the soft filtered light. It's very tranquil. From what you could figure out from Yoko's hurried words was that another of her kind was nearby. Amusing that stern Anar's daughter was so bubbly in temperment. Perhaps she took after her mother?

Nibbling on that thought you stride forward. Oh.. A dark stallion calmly stares into a still, sheltered pool. He takes no notice you at all. Instead his attentions are focused on the water's surface. Times seems to slow down as the wind blows and stray leaves fall lazily down. After a minute or an hour, a single leaf lands in the center of the pool. Ripples form and echo across the surface.

The dark figure finally stirs as a ripple finally reaches the edges of the pool. He gives a shake of his shaggy mane and turns to look at you with piercing green eyes. A small smile curls at the end of his mouth. "Hello there," He rumbles. "I suppose Yoko would have sent you here since I doubt you would have found our pride grounds any other way." He looks quite sure of that. "I am Kadaj; and this in the territory of my pride, Black Pool." Looking at the shaded pool you have to admit it's an appropriate name.

Kadaj's Stats
Name: Kadaj
Translation: Mourner
Gender: Male
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Birth Pride: Unknown
Current Pride: Dark Pool
ID: #92
Species: Qualiron
Origin: Sirah's Realm

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