Leaves crinkle underfoot as you look up at the great beams of trees encircling. Smooth limbs sway and dance from a southern wind that blows through. You shy away from them and glance around. A small pile of smooth rocks rest in a patch of sunlight that breaks through overhead. It looks deliciously warm, an ideal place to rest a bit. You eagerly go there and sit amidst the heated stone. Once relaxed, eyes finally notice a bit of homemade paper tucked under a chunk of dark gray rock. You can just make out some statistics, written in dark ink on it's rough surface. Touching the words sends a spark up your arm, and you pull you hand away quickly. How strange...


"Hello?" An extremely masculine voice rumbles. "What are you doing here?" You look up- only to blink repeatedly to make sure that what you are seeing in actually there. He, it has to be a he you think to yourself, is very large and you feel that it would be wise not to offend him. You stammer out who you are, what you are doing here. He only nods at your hurried words.

"I thought so, I'd been warned that strangers and visitors oftened bumbled around here." He falls silent for a moment. "My name is Anar, and I am a Qualiron." Anar gives what could almost pass as a grin. "Have you ever heard of my species?" Before you can reply a squeak from behind Anar catches your attention, and a lovely face peers up at you. "This is my daughter, Aditya."

Aditya Yoko

The cub squeaks and dashes behind a green qualiron. "And this other is one of my other children, her half-sister Yoko." At her name, the pretty young mare steps out and smiles. "We're not the only ones here, further down.." She trails off, nudging you down the trail. Turning to take one last look, you see the younger of the two siblings pouncing the other energetically.

Anar's Stats
Name: Anar
Translation: Sun
Gender: Male
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Birth Pride: Unknown
Current Pride: Sand's Erosion
ID: #65
Yoko's Stats
Name: Yoko
Translation: Sun Child
Gender: Female
Sire: Anar #65
Dam: Aanya #68
Birth Pride: Sand's Erosion
Current Pride: Dark Pool
ID: #85
Aditya's Stats
Name: Aditya
Translation: Sun
Gender: Female
Sire: Anar #65
Dam: Kerinly #32
Birth Pride: Sand's Erosion
Current Pride: None
ID: #97
Species: Qualiron
Origin: Sirah's Realm

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