Phoenix Flamegazer

You wander slowly into a different section of the Forest. The scent of pine fills your nose, while the sound of rushing water echoes all around. You begin to look around when you see a green and red blur out of the corner of your eye. It nimbly jumps over rocks logs, and creeks, all the while eyeing you.

"I see you've met my bonded seraphor. Or at least seen her." Thele's cool voice catches you from behind off guard. With a fluid grace she moves beside the seraphor. The filly straightens herself up before speaking.

I am Phoenix Flamegazer, and you are stranger? The green-bodied seraphor holds herself proudly and speaks with a tone of bossiness. She is rather tall...

I hope you came over to do more than stare at me. But however, you do seem friendly at the very least. As I said, I am Phoenix Flamegazer. I will not receive a given name until I am an adult. But I can wait.

You ask the filly who her parents are, and she shifts slightly. Is that a twinkle in those emerald eyes? I am out of Shard, by Zauriel. Who is the lead stallion of the Herd of Falling-Night by the way. Now you must excuse me, I must be off.

And with that she soundlessly dissapears into the Forest. "Phoenix Flamegazer does use that height thing to a good advantage doesn't she? And with standing on those rocks... Well I do believe she's gone to look for something to eat. So where do you plan to go off to next next traveler?"

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