Ohhh... a person? Are you here to visit around? I thought so. I'm Ashika, and my quiet white friend over there with the purple wings is Ashira. As for me, I'm a horsefly. Quite obvious, eh? Ashira is... well I don't know exactly what she is, and neither does she. If you would like one such as we, you'll have to search long and hard. We've taken up keep here to watch over the frondari teen Blizzard Drifting Ancient Glaciers. Frondari are rare creatures that hail from the same place we came from, the Nameless Forest. There she is now, nibbling those berries.

Ashira Blizzard Drifting Ancient Glaciers

Melir! Heyllo! I'm Blizzard Drifting Ancient Glaciers, or Blizzard for short. You want some of these berries, they're mighty good. No? Okay. You know what? I look an awful lot like my mommie! And she's very pretty! Hope that means that I'm gonna be pretty too when I grow up. Well I want to go visit some friends now. Bye.

Blizzard's Stats
Name: Blizzard Drifting Ancient Glaciers
Gender: Filly
Sire: Shadow Breaking Silent Fog
Dam: Snow Covering Spring Flowers
Head: Hl*
Neck: hh
Body: H*a*
Legs: A*h
Feet: dd
Tail: L*L*
Wings: YY
Mane: H*H*
Antlers: Dn
Mutation: yy
Color: BlW
Markings: Sp
Species: Frondari
Origin: Nameless Forest

Nameless Forest Award

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