Jeriken For some odd reason you feel drawn to this part of the Forest. It is well hidden, only a faint trail marks the way to it. On the way there you hear rustlings, giggles, movment, singing. Until only a strand of saplings block your view. Gently pushing them aside, you see some of the most beautiful creatures playing among the trees, rocks, water. Garikin Upon seeing you some hide, others approach you. But in the middle of the chaos you see Thele. She appears to be calm, giddy, happy, relaxed. Contradictary, but correct. She sees you for the first time and motions you to come closer. Passing by the magnificent creatures you can only admire their unique coloring and markings. Lagare Temira"The captivating beings you see around you are the miwenday. They appear to be a sort of combination of canine, equine, and something else." Kirja You ask her what their names are. "Jeriken, Garikin, Lagare, Temira, Kirja, Kiersia, Dragal, Suiyen, Scarlia, Toriah, Flamier, Ciktah, Kerla, Scoti. The names are fitting to each of the miwens." As each name was said, the respective one bowed or bobbed its head toward you. Kiresia "I had to search far and wide for them. But it was worth the time and effort. You bond with them, and it's for life. Should I die, they would die as well. They even begin to have the same likes and dislikes as I do. And we communicate through images and feelings." Dragal Suiyen You ask Thele where you would begin such a search. She smiles at you before responding. "It would be best to head to the Miwenday Ravine first. There is information and hints that should help you on your way."Scarlia You imagine what it would be like to have your own miwenday. "You must have the patience and be very aware to find these elusive creatures. And probably a pinch of luck as well in your search." Toriah The miwenday are still moving around the Forest, their bright colors swirling all around you. Flamier Ciktah Until it seems triple the amount of miwendays are actually there. And of course, there are the ones that seem to have run out of breath and are taking a break. Turning to leave, you resolve to find some miwens of your own. Kerla Scoti

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