A medium sized creek winds its way lazily across this section of the Forest, with only small waterfalls and the occasional splashing fish to disrupt its serenity. Moss of varying shades of green hangs from trees and rocks, thriving in the area's dampness. Taking care not to slip and fall, you make your way carefully to a small pool filled with crystal clear water which lies not too far away. Thinking only to quench your thirst, you are suprised to see a pale green equine-like creature doing what you had planned.

"Friend or foe be you?" She backs away warily and eyes you for several moments. Apparently deciding you mean no harm she relaxes. "I be Rikona, which in another language means Clever. My kind are known as Kayatha, and we orginate from the Kayatha Field Adoption Center." Rikona shakes her head, flicking water from the beads braided into her mane. "If you wish to linger, then it be your choice." And with that cryptic remark, Rikona bows slightly and leaves you standing there.

After she dissapears from sight, you look around the vicinity. Large trees of varying kinds loom overhead. Dark purple berries crowd on silver-leafed bushes that line a faint trail. A pale streak catches your attention, and you carefully make your way toward it.

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