Following a faint trail, you come across a patch of small tubers and other edible plants. For a moment you stare at the tempting vegetables. "Heyla visitor." Startled, you look to see who had spoken. "Over here." The high-pitched voice again, this time slightly amused. You bend over to look down at the small being come into your view. Vaguely you remember a sign... miniature half-horses, minihalfs for short, from aikousha. Very appropriate.

The minihalf turns away for a moment to secret away what seems to be treasure. Extremely valuable looking. "Just things Iíve... acquired... over time visitor." He cocks his head up at you. "My name is Kearn, one of the two minihalfs that call this forest home." Two? Scanning around quickly, you catch sunlight creating a golden halo around a blonde minihalf.


Heís not as tanned as Kearn, and thereís an unmistakable air of coolness surrounding him. The minihalf briefly looks up at you with an icy gaze before returning to his task. Skinning a recent kill. "Donít mind Eran, visitor." Kearn tells you. "Thatís him in a good mood. When heís in a bad mood..." You try to envision that happening and wince. "...well. Not that it happens too often. If you mind, we have much to accomplish before the sun sets." Taking the hint, you make your good-byes quickly and leave the minihalfs.

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