Verin Feeling as if many eyes are following your movements, you slowly try to make your way out. A burst of wind ruffles your hair and you reflexively duck. A stream of giggles and laughs reach your ears, as if whatever's out there was amused by your actions. Hello... funny person... think we scared it... hehe... The words you hear don't do much to reassure, but you slowly raise your eyes to look around. Colton Eight equines, of varying colors and patterns. All extremely active and curious about the visitor that has wandered into their midst. One as golden as the desert sands trots to you, and there is whispering at your ear. Verin, Colton, Dolan, Licia, Garvyn, Tal, Gwinn, and Reselda. Dolan Licia You figure that those are their names. Two of them creep closer to you, sniffing and searching your pockets for treats. Garvyn Finding none on you, they wander off together in a game of tag. A black one sorts at his playing companions and looks you up and down. He then nudges your hand and you gently scratch his ears, carefully avoiding those long horns. After a while he moves off, but not before giving you a wet nuzzle on the cheek. Wiping your face off, you quickly move aside. Tal Two of them, one snow white and the other a bay, are barreling towards you at top speed. They shoot right past you towards a large pine tree. Making a hairpin turn around it they come racing towards you again. Also this time they skid to stop in front of you, showering bits of grass and dirt in your hair. Gwinn Riselda

Deriss from the Nameless Forest.

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