You climb over the rise and feel a difference in temperture.
It's hotter than the rest of the Glade, you can feel the sweat
forming on your body. The sound of thunder rumbles from overhead,
though there is no rain clouds in sight. Kinize stops if front
of you, his fur flying, making the fox look rather fluffy.


This is where we hope a Flame Unicorn will be foster. They
like warm places that have electricity in the air. Most of the
others avoided this area of the Glade, but Thele considered it the
perfect place to foster a Flame. Can you not see the lightning
in the sky or feel the rumbling underfoot visitor?

You do see the flashes of light, and feel the prickling
of your skin from the currents flowing around your body.
If would like, Flame Unicorn hail from this Realm,
you may visit it if you so choose to do so.

The fox gives you a moment to decide before running off
towards the blinding green-sanded beach in the distance.