Tauri Uari

"Tauri is now an adult. He has no
genotype, which means he can't have children.
Next to him is Uari. Tauri named her himself,
and I suspect where he got the idea for her name from.
They are rather good friends, Uari is unfailing in
knowing where Tauri's itches are."

Your eye is drawn to a blue-maned drigus. Thele smiles and hugs it gently.
"And this beauty over here is Coel. She has finally become an adult!
Coel has a genotype, which means that she can have children."
The drigus turns to you and speaks with excitement in her tone.

**I'm so happy! I have a mate! He's stunning, he's handsome.
His name is Harka! I asked him, and he accepted, he's been waiting
for a female bold enough to propose to him. Would you like to visit him?
If not, then let me show you something very special to me.**

"I was suprised when Coel proposed to Harka, but all seems well.
Well, I've got to go now." And with that Thele leaves you with Seyik.

Body:H*, d
Tail: D*,t
Ears: T*, d
Head: D*, t
Feet: D*, T
Spines: n, n
Color: O, O
Whiskers: N, y
Mutation: N, N



If you aren't afraid of the dark, then follow me.