"I assume you're the visitor I sighted earlier. I ought to introduce myself. My name is Riddle, so called because of the many riddles and questions Thele had to answer to find me. My parentage is of the famed pair Varisle and Wyrinitha. I do have two mates, the lovely Raaka, and the sweet Starla. With Raaka I have fathered a daughter; Mitephsta."


A young drigus comes forward at the sound of her name. Behind her a striped orange and black cat lazily trails her. "I'm Mitephsta, or if you'd rather, Promises." She looks down at the cat and it looks up at her. "And my little friend here," The cat meows. "Is Rikku."

Riddle's Stats Riddle's Genotype
Name: Riddle Body: H*, H*
Sire: Varisle Tail: D*, m
Dam: Wyrinitha Ears: H, d
Mates: Raaka, Starla Head: D*, t
Offspring: None Feet: D*, T
ID #: 130 Spines: n, n
Gender: Stallion Color: w, w
Species: Drigus Whiskers: N, N
Origin: Allonia Mutation: N, y

Drigus Adoptions

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