You follow Coel to an area close by. It looks the same as
the areas of the Glade, except for the toys lying about.

beanie beanie beanie

**My daughter has finally grown into a lovely adult.
It seems that she was only a baby yesterday. Yet
she is. Isn't my Kessia so very beautiful?**

Coel gently nuzzles the purple maned drigus who
gazes up at her mother with large adoring eyes.


*Hello. Well I hope you liked visiting me.
Perhaps I should start looking for a mate now?
Now where will you go to next traveler?*

Kessia #167
Body: H*, H*
Tail: D*, t*
Ears: T*, d
Head: t, t
Feet: D*, D*
Spines: n, n
Color: O, O
Whiskers: N, N
Mutation: N, y

I'm Kinize, you're guide. Follow me this way.