Entering the stoney cave you're amazed at it's warmness.
A cozy, cheerful feeling is evident around the cave, from
the brightly colored blankets and hangings, to the myraid
soft pillows that call out to be sat or slept on.

"Hello visitor. I see you've made it here. I'm hoping
that a little drajigon would call this their home. But
more specifically, a poor abandoned one. Who could do
such a very awful thing to an innocent hatchling?"

The raven-haired woman's eyes grow large and sorrowful
as she holds a fuzzy brown pillow closer to her chest
"But I think this would be a good home. I've taken in
many abandonlings and given them a stable place to live.
Drajigon's are a pretty butterfly-winged-dragon-like
creature that hail from here. Perhaps you'd like
to visit? If not I have to get back to making this
more nice. Perhaps a cute little teddy bear..."

~My lady! Look what has just arrived here!~
One of the dragon-riders comes bursting into the
cave with a squirming green bundle in her arms.
She gingerly places it into Thele's lap before
quietly leaving the now silent cavern.

"Oh my, isn't he adorable? I believe I will call
you Zederys." The hatchling lifts adoring eyes to
her and nuzzles her neck. You silently leave the
two of them to bond with each other.

After a few moments you have an urge to visit them again.
A disorientation comes across your mind as you enter.
Much to your suprise Zederys has grown quite larger.

"Welcome back visitor! It's been a long while.
As you can see, Zederys gotten bigger.