You can't help but rub your eyes at the melcey in front of you. The resemblance... the clothes... the expression... the hair... It can't be you think, but it is. Aya, you whisper softly. Though not softly enough as he slightly narrows his eyes at you. Smiling weakly, you wonder what would happen if you tried to glomp him. Another stern look from him dissuades you though.

Nienor Jiao

He then looks away, towards a shadowed shape sitting in silence. Odd, you hadn't noticed this melcey before, especially with her large mecha wings. She doesn't look up at your gentle inquiries and greetings. There's something tragic about her you feel... Facing her is a slightly smaller life melcey. This one tilts her head at you and gives a little wave.

Aya's Stats
Name: Aya
Translation: Suspicious
Gender: Male
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Theme: Darkness
Pack: None
Litter: Commission
ID #: P1151m
Nienor's Stats
Name: Nienor
Translation: Mourning
Gender: Female
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Theme: Moon
Pack: None
Litter: Halloween '02
ID #: P1216f
Jiao's Stats
Name: Jiao
Translation: Charming
Gender: Female
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Theme: Life
Pack: None
Litter: 100
ID #: P1334f
Species: Melcey Pup
Origin: Purple Savannah

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