You look up to see an oasis ahead you and quicken your steps, praying that it isn't a mirage. Yet as you approach it, the smell of cool water and strawberries waft towards you. Wait. Strawberries? Sniffing the air only confirms your prior thoughts. Suprised and curious about that realization, you hurry a bit more towards the oasis.

The clear waterhole is surrounded by various types of vegetation native and not native to a desert environment. And yes, ther are strawberries. As well as raspberries. The bright, red fruits flourish here almost in defiance. You carefully extend your hand to pick one, when a large shadow looms over you.


"Excuse me. If you wanted some, all you had to do was ask." The equine looking at you says. Somehow you stammer out an apology, which it accepts with a shrug. "If you'd like some then take. Unlike some others of my species, I do have a need for companionship once in awhile. Like my little friend Jasp." He motions to the frog. Before joining you collect fruits.

Ja'eio's Stats
Name: Ja'eio
Gender: Male
Sire: ???
Dam: ???
Species: Karina
Origin: Sabaku Desert

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