Pack of Fractured Gems


Odd. That's the first word that comes to your mind. This is an odd place. There is an odd feeling all over. It isn't quite as pleasant as you would have expected it to be. Wait. A faint scraping sound is heard nearby. Metallic, you think. Metallic? But melceys don't- "Boo." Your mouth drops open as you not-so-politely stare at the large melcey. He measures you through slitted eyes, its dark depths glinting slightly. Silence falls between the two of you before he speaks; a low, husky voice.

"And so someone visits. I suppose you're here to learn about my pack; since rarely anyone seeks my company willingly... This pack is set up differently from those that you may have been to. It is for the disturbed. The outcasts. The aloof. The angered. Those who do not fit in with what is socially acceptable. And I could go on and on. Still interested?" You nod. "Just follow the appropriate markers to whatever you desire to learn. Just... don't stray to far. You wouldn't want to become lost here. Would you?"

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